To all my followers and those who may concern,

I am closing down this blog.

I have since lost my desire to keep it up and running with posts, RP, etc. I’m also starting to not really have the time to maintain it well, at least to the standards that I would like.

For the current 102 of you that have followed me, I appreciate it, and hoped you enjoyed some of the content on my blog.

To clarify, I will not be deleting this blog, I will simply no longer be on it. No new posts, nothing. You can unfollow me if you want, as there will never be any new content on this blog after this post.

I will leave it up in case anyone wants to find any PB/marcy pics, or other stuff.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who followed me, and those whom I’ve had long conversations with via mail.

Have a good one.


Submit some pics guys


Submit some pics guys


6 decades of the most popular names for girls in the United States, in an animated GIF
(↬ this isn’t happiness)
You wanna find out some personal shit?
<p> 1. Any scars?</p>
<p> 2. Self harmed?</p>
<p> 3. Crush?</p>
<p> 4. Kissed anyone?</p>
<p> 5. Coke or Pepsi?</p>
<p> 6. Someone you hate?</p>
<p> 7. Best Friends?</p>
<p> 8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?</p>
<p> 9. What's your dream job?</p>
<p> 10. Ever been in love?</p>
<p> 11. Last time you cried?</p>
<p> 12. Favorite color?</p>
<p> 13. Height?</p>
<p> 14. Birthday?</p>
<p> 15. Eye color?</p>
<p> 16. Hair color?</p>
<p> 17. What do you love?</p>
<p> 18. Obsession?</p>
<p> 19. If you had one wish, what would it be?</p>
<p> 20. Do you love someone?</p>
<p> 21. Kiss or hug?</p>
<p> 22. Nicknames people call you?</p>
<p> 23. Favorite song?</p>
<p> 24. Favorite band?</p>
<p> 25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you?</p>
<p> 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?</p>
<p> 27. Something you would change about yourself?</p>
<p> 28. Ever dated someone?</p>
<p> 29. Worst mistake?</p>
<p> 30. Watch the movie or read the book?</p>
<p> 31. Ever had a heartbreak?</p>
<p> 32. Favorite show?</p>
<p> 33. Best day of your life?</p>
<p> 34. Any talents?</p>
<p> 35. Do you wish you could ever start over?</p>
<p> 36. Any bad habits?</p>
<p> 37. Ever had a near death experience?</p>
<p> 38. Someone I can tell anything to?</p>
<p> 39. Ever lost a loved one?</p>
<p> 40. Do you believe in love?</p>
<p> 41. Someone you hate/Dislike?</p>
<p> 42. Are you okay?</p>
<p> 43. Relationship status?</p>


what tHE


  • Aatrox - “This Dick will be my masterpiece”
  • Ahri - “Should I make your Dick rise?… or STOP!”
  • Akali - “Another unworthy Dick”
  • Alistar - “Mess with the bull and you get the Dick”
  • Amumu - “Lets find some dick”
  • Anivia - “A thousand lives will I give for the Dick”
  • Annie - “You smell like…dick”
  • Ashe - “No one escapes my dick”
  • Blitzcrank - “Dick up and ready to serve”
  • Brand - “This dick is just one of many”“
  • Caitlyn - “Wanna see a Dick trick?”
  • Cassiopeia - “You think i’m a dick? Let me get on your level”
  • Cho’gath - “Afraid of the dick? Wise!”
  • Corki - “I’m up to snuff, I gots me a Dick machine!”
  • Darius - “Death by my Dick”
  • Diana - “The Dick also rises”
  • Dr.Mundo - “Dick too strong for you”
  • Draven - “Lets admire Dick for a bit”
  • Elise - “Pull the Dicks. Watch them dance”
  • Evelynn - “I’ve got the Dick”
  • Ezreal - “Who needs a Dick?”
  • Fiddlesticks - “I don’t have a Dick, and soon, neither will you!”
  • Fiora - “I’m an artist with a Dick, in more ways than one!”
  • Fizz - “The mighty Dick stalks his prey!”
  • Galio - “Dick from above!”
  • Gangplank - “I won’t rest until I see ye hangin’ from the Dick”
  • Garen - “Hey look, I’m holding the Dick up!”
  • Gragas - “I’ll Dick you under the table, scrub”
  • Graves - “Don’t Dick yet! Heh, that was only a warning shot”
  • Hecarim - “Their Dicks beg for release”
  • Heimerdinger - “And what did you expect from such a substandard Dick?”
  • Irelia - “You rely on your Dick too much; try letting go!”
  • Janna - “The Dick is at your command”
  • Jarvan IV - “You like my Dick? Come on over for a closer inspection”
  • Jax - “Who wants a piece of the Dick?”
  • Jayce - “Our future will be Dick”
  • Jinx - “Say hello to my Dicks of varying sizes!”
  • Karma - “To conquer ones Dick is to conquer all”
  • Karthus - “I cannot use your skull. You have a misshapen Dick”
  • Kassadin - “I tried to Dick my mother once. Boy, did I regret that!”
  • Katarina - “Dick solves everything”
  • Kayle - “Lead me to Dick!”
  • Kennen - “Big Dicks are the best! There’s more to aim at”
  • Kha’zix - “My purpose is eating deadly creatures. My hobby is eating Dicks”
  • Kog’maw - “Dick never sleeps”
  • Leblanc - “Dick is like, ninety five percent of what I do”
  • Lee Sin - “Blindness is no impairment against a smelly Dick”
  • Leona - “The Dick has arrived”
  • Lissandra - “The world began in Dick and it will end in Dick”
  • Lucian - “Dick is a mercy, and I have enough mercy to go around”
  • Lulu - “That Dick looks familiar…”
  • Lux - “With your Dick, I suggest you forfeit instead”
  • Malphite - “Caught between a Dick and a hard place”
  • Malzahar - “Bow to the Dick! Or be consumed by it!”
  • Maokai - “This Dick… I cannot control!”
  • Master Yi - “The focused Dick can pierce through stone”
  • Miss Fortune - “Watch your Dick kid, or you’ll find yourself re-spawning at home!”
  • Mordekaiser - “Your Dick… sustains me”
  • Morgana - “Not all Dicks are good”
  • Nami - “Ride upon the Dick”
  • Nasus - “Anthropomancy: divination by Dick”
  • Nautilus - “Sometimes I think this Dick just weighs me down”
  • Nidalee - “Dick or spear, your end’s the same”
  • Nocturne - “Weather forecast for tonight: dark, with a chance of dick!”
  • Nunu - “Speak softly… and ride a big Dick!”
  • Olaf - “The worth of a man can be measured by the length of his beard, and the girth of his Dick”
  • Orianna - “I have sharp Dicks”
  • Pantheon - “My Dick is restless!”
  • Poppy - “They’ll beg for Dick”
  • Quinn - “Valor’s Dick is the last thing you’ll see”
  • Rammus - “Dick”
  • Renekton - “Light Dick, Dark Dick, it’s all the same”
  • Rengar - “I seek only the Dick”
  • Riven - “A broken Dick is more than enough for the likes of you!”
  • Rumble - “Come on, I’m not even holding the Dick!”
  • Ryze - “Take this Dick and stick it… somewhere safe”
  • Sejuani - “I was forged by Dick”
  • Shaco - “Now you see Dick, now you don’t!”
  • Shen - “A demonstration of superior Dick”
  • Shyvana - “By the Dick of my father, I will end them”
  • Singed - “Dick, Dick, Swirl, Dick”
  • Sion - “Hand bone connected to the Dick bone connected to your face bone!”
  • Sivir - “Enjoy that Dick, it will be your last”
  • Skarner - “Fear my Dick”
  • Sona - “From my Dick to yours”
  • Soraka - “Yes that was a Dick, no-one expects the Dick”
  • Swain - “I bet you taste like Dick”
  • Syndra - “So much untapped Dick!”
  • Talon - “Live and Die by the Dick”
  • Taric - “You are nothing more than Dick, waiting to be smashed”
  • Teemo - “Dick doesn’t mean everything”
  • Thresh - “Dick comes in so many flavours”
  • Tristana - “Is that a Dick in your pocket?”
  • Trundle - “I’m gonna crush your Dicks… They’re in your skull right?”
  • Tryndamere - “Follow my Dick!”
  • Twisted Fate - “Let’s raise the Dicks”
  • Twitch - “Do you smell Dick?”
  • Udyr - “Dick instinct guides our fist”
  • Urgot - “I detect the presence of Dick”
  • Varus - “You’d like some real Dick? Come closer”
  • Vayne - “Dick lurks around every corner”
  • Veigar - “I will swallow your Dick!”
  • Vi - “I let my Dick do the talking”
  • Viktor - “Submit to my Dick”
  • Vladimir - “Dick, let it all out”
  • Volibear - “Tremble at my Dick”
  • Warwick - “II’ll feast on their Dicks”
  • Wukong - “Show me the Dick”
  • Xerath - “These Dicks cannot hold me”
  • Xin Zhao - “Here’s a tip, and a Dick behind it!”
  • Yorick - “Dick is the gift I offer”
  • Zac - “I was made for Dick… literally”
  • Zed - “The unseen Dick is the deadliest”
  • Ziggs - “I like my Dicks like I like my bombs: about to explode”
  • Zilean - “I’ve seen your Dick, it was painful”
  • Zyra - “None will escape my Dick!”
















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